3 Marketing Benefits of Hiring a Property Manager to Manage Your Rental Properties

The Joseph Group Nov 2021

Ian Joseph

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Updated June 8, 2022.

It's not uncommon for a self-managing property owner to handle all of the marketing for their rental properties. However, this can be time-consuming, expensive, and ineffective—especially if you manage multiple properties at once.

For these reasons, many landlords turn to hire the best property management company Edmonds offers to handle the marketing aspects of their real estate investing business so they can focus on growing their portfolio. Today's blog post will discuss three key marketing benefits of hiring a property manager!

How Will Property Managers Market My Rental Property?

There are several ways to market rental property investments to reach the largest pool of potential renters in the Edmonds market. The most successful property management companies market rental properties with the following techniques that help real estate investors experience reduced vacancy times (and better returns)!

1. Property Managers Have a Larger List of Prospects

To find a renter for your investment property, rental property owners need a pool of prospects that meet the criteria. If you've struggled to find enough quality applicants to feel like you're making a good placement decision, an Edmonds, WA property manager can help!  A property management company already has a larger pool of potential renters based on years of experience in the Edmonds market. Property managers constantly screen potential residents for multiple property owners. If a renter doesn't work out for one property, they maintain a database of quality renters that might be a good fit for your properties. 

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This means that you will rent your properties quicker since a property manager can place approved residents that meet your criteria quickly! Outsourcing your marketing efforts to a rental real estate property management company also means that you can spend less time doing the marketing yourself and more time working on other aspects of your business.

2. Property Managers Get Better Deals on Listings

Finding quality renters starts with compelling listings placed prominently on websites where renters look for their next homes. Showing your properties to encourage applicants to schedule a showing requires posting pictures and descriptions online. However, accessing the best platforms can be time-consuming and costly without the help of a property manager. Rental property owners can save marketing dollars with a property management company because they get a better deal on the best online platforms.

Property managers already have access to the best listings platforms so that they can post your property at a reduced cost to you. This means investors save the money they would have spent on advertising and use it to improve properties or invest in new ones. Plus, your property reaches a broader audience and reduces the potential for lengthy vacancy times!

3. Property Managers Know How to List Your Properties

The best property manager has the experience rental property owners need to craft compelling listings and use professional photos to help your property rent faster. A home management company has experts who can ensure that the right renters see your listings and want to find out more about your rental properties.

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Property managers use professional tactics to help your listings stand out, including: 

  • Creating a detailed property description that attracts attention
  • Showing off recent upgrades or renovations
  • Including high-quality photos that accentuate the positives of a property
  • Knowing "how much can I list my house for" to set and list the ideal monthly rent amount that maximizes returns 
  • Being upfront about policies like no pets or no smoking
  • Talking about the neighborhood's amenities (schools, shops, restaurants, and entertainment).

Reducing vacancy times and finding quality residents are two critical aspects of success for real estate investors! When hiring a property management company, investors never have to worry about unsuccessful marketing strategies or lengthy vacancies that reduce their rental income. 

Bonus Benefit: Word of Mouth 

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing technique to find renters for your rental property. When your property manager has an excellent reputation in the market, renters spread the word! Partnering with the best property management company Edmonds offers is an excellent way to promote your property and reach potential renters who may not have seen it on other websites or in print ads.

In addition, networking is essential for any business, including the real estate industry. Property managers are well-connected in the community and can often lead ideal renters to your properties through their connections with other investors, vendors, and real estate professionals. 

The Best Edmonds Property Management Company Markets For Your Success!

Hiring a property manager to handle the marketing efforts for your rental properties can save you time and money—and help you place better residents! If you're looking for an effective way to grow your investment portfolio in Edmonds, The Joseph Group can help. We have proven processes to handle your marketing efforts and more to help you enjoy better renters and returns. If you're ready to learn more about how we market rental properties and deliver professional property management services, reach out soon!

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