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Included with ALL The Joseph Group Residential Agreements is a Resident Benefits Package. Below is a list and description of the benefits included in this package. The monthly cost for the Resident Benefit Package is varies based on service levels. It will be advertised specifically for each property and included in all Lease Agreements.


No Additional Charges for All Rental Payment Options to Include In-Person, ACH, or Check. Many property management companies charge Residents transaction fees for online payments. All online ACH payments with JGPM are accepted free of service charge. Rent payments should be easy and affordable and JGPM accepts payment via any RentMoney participating vendor such as Walmart where Residents have the option to pay in cash or via money order. Walmart may incorporate a service fee, however, this is a great time-saver option for rental payment. In addition, Walmart time stamps all payments which are added to your ledger within 24 hours.


Residents have free access to our Resident Portal to submit maintenance requests, pay online using all included payment options to include the automatic ACH option, and have access to electronic statements. This valuable feature offers Residents 24/7 access to their accounts, records, copies of leases and policies as well as online rental payment and maintenance requests.


Free Credit Reporting for All Rental Payments made during this Lease to TransUnion. Residents receive the benefit of positive credit reporting for all on-time rental payments.


24/7 Maintenance Hotline with Live Phone Support. Residents can reach a live person after hours for emergency maintenance concerns.


The Joseph Group will grant a one-time waiver of a returned ACH or Check payment fee. JGPM will also grant a one-time waiver of a late fee. 


The Joseph Group will facilitate the delivery of HVAC filters to the property every 180 days under the Utility & Maintenance Reduction Program. Resident shall properly install the filter that is provided within two (2) days of receipt. Resident hereby acknowledges that the filters will be dated and subject to inspection by the Landlord upon reasonable notice to verify replacement has been timely made. If at any time Resident is unable to properly or timely install a filter Resident shall immediately notify Landlord in writing. Resident’s failure to properly and timely replace the filters is a material breach of this agreement and Landlord shall be entitled to exercise all rights and remedies it has against Resident and Resident shall be liable to Landlord for all damages to the property, A/C or heating system caused by Resident's neglect or misuse.  

The Joseph Group will address any small maintenance item under $125.00 for the Resident that would be the Resident’s responsibility. The resident must request the maintenance to the Joseph Group and reference the Maintenance Reduction Program. A vendor of Joseph Group’s choosing must be used.  


New Residents can enjoy the convenience of moving in at their own time. A lockbox will be provided for the Resident to access on the lease start date. New Residents will also be able to complete a supplemental move-in report within 3 days of lease start using a provided service/app. While The Joseph Group performs detailed move-in inspections, photos, and video prior to Resident occupancies, this unique feature affords Residents the opportunity to provide additional documentation which supplements The Joseph Group inspections.


When moving into a property, Residents are often charged numerous fees. Commonly experienced fees consist of a “lease preparation fee” and a “Credit Risk Mitigation” fee. Such amounts are substantial, running between $300 and $500. While some of these expenses are necessary, The Joseph Group builds such fees into the Residents Benefits Package, thus spreading the cost out over the life of a Resident’s lease. Moving is expensive and The Joseph Group seeks to make the process as affordable as possible.


The moving concierge service is a third-party company that assists Residents in activating utilities, internet, cable, and alarm services with one simple phone call rather than individualized requests to specific companies. Companies such as ADT, Comcast, and ATT are known to offer promotional programs and discounts. The Utility Concierge Program simplifies the process of transferring all services and utilities into the name of incoming Residents.


The Joseph Group has procured and instituted a master tenants policy that is included in the Resident Benefits Package. Enrollment in this program waives your obligation to provide a certificate of insurance for accidental damages arising from fire, smoke, explosion, and sudden and accidental water discharge caused by your negligent acts or omissions as described in your lease agreement up to $100,000. The insurance only waives your liability to the property and does not waive your liability to any third parties. The insurance only applies to accidental damage caused by your negligent acts or omissions and does not apply to damages caused by your deliberate or intentional acts or omissions. The insurance applies up to $100,000; any amount in excess of $100,000 remains subject to the lease agreement. Other coverages may apply to the tenant. Tenant shall receive, without an insurance application and insurance credit check, upon execution of this agreement, and shall maintain in full force at all times during the term of this Agreement, at tenants expense, tenants insurance provided by The Joseph Group. Subject to the terms, exclusions, and limitations provided therein, The Joseph Group master tenant’s policy provides the tenant with Liability: $100,000, Tenant Contents: $10,000, Medical Payments: $3,000, and Additional Living Expense: $3,000. Deductible: $500. The Joseph Group is the named insured of the Master Tenant Policy and the tenant shall be named as additional insured for their leased unit. The tenant’s insurance will commence on the move-in date is governed by the lease agreement. Tenants shall have access to the Master Tenant Policy and certificate of insurance at their request. Tenants will be responsible for contacting The Joseph Group for claims submissions. Tenants shall be responsible to pay any deductibles charged per incident for claims related to the leased unit. Conditions and exclusions apply, so please review the policy for details.


If a tenant chooses to Opt-Out of any of The Joseph Group benefits listed above, the tenant shall still be responsible for paying the monthly cost for the Resident Benefits Package as provided on the Residential Lease Agreement section 6.a. 


The Joseph Group, insuring company and broker have the right and full authority to change, amend, modify or cancel; coverage’s, limits, benefits, waivers, requirements, cost, master insurance policy, and Tenants Benefit Package at any time and tenant shall agree to comply with any such changes at that time. Tenant insurance is non-transferable to other tenants, leased units, or properties. The Tenant Master Policy is in excess of any existing Renters insurance coverage available. The underwriting insurance company is responsible for all claims handling and claim decisions. The Joseph Group is not an adjuster and does not pay claims or make claim decisions. If the tenant chooses to purchase additional coverage to protect their own interests or property over and above the insurance benefit provided by The Joseph Group, the tenant can procure a renters insurance policy at their expense. This is not intended to replace a tenant’s personal property or liability insurance policy. All Tenants should consult an insurance professional to evaluate and determine personal insurance needs.

The tenant agrees that The Joseph Group shall have the right and authority (without, however, any obligation to do so) to procure insurance, which charges shall be payable by tenant immediately upon notice and tenant further agrees that tenant has accepted the information about the insurance from the lease agreement.