Is This a Good Investment Property? Insights From the Best Property Management Mason County Offers!

The Joseph Group Jun 2021

Ian Joseph

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It can be difficult for real estate investment professionals to know the difference between a "good-looking investment property versus a property that is a good investment! How do you measure value and determine if a property is a good investment? 

With the right insights and analysis, property owners can avoid buying properties that never pay off. What do real estate investors need to know when choosing a new property? Check out these insights from the best property management Mason County offers!

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Not Every Property is a Good Investment

The first step to finding excellent investment properties is to accept that not every property is a good investment. 

There are plenty of properties available on the real estate market. However, buying a potential rental home without doing the research you need to estimate its potential can be a costly mistake. Even if a property seems like a low-priced steal and looks nice after a quick walkthrough, you're putting your income at risk to buy an investment without looking deeper into market analysis. 

A property that is up-to-date and has popular amenities might be in a terrible location that doesn't appeal to renters. A bad investment doesn't necessarily mean the house itself is bad—but it's difficult to determine the profit potential of a home without the right resources and insights. 

The wrong Mason County property might seem like a good idea at the time, but it will never attract renters or generates the rental income you need to maximize your returns. 

You're Not Buying a Home to Live In

While you want tenants to live in the home, you're not buying a house for yourself! What appeals to you as a homeowner might not appeal to the renters you need to pay the rent every month. 

Focus on a property that delivers what renters want—and are willing to pay for. Your home might have high-end granite countertops, expensive flooring, and an elaborate backyard oasis. However, many Mason County renters might not want to pay for high-end amenities when looking for a safe, comfortable rental home. Focusing on what you want most in a home can leave you stuck with a property that requires an income that's too high for the market and deters renters from wanting to move in. 

Gather the Right Resources for Analysis

Where do you start when you're ready to analyze a potential property? The best property management Mason County offers can deliver you everything you need with the insights investors need to make smart decisions when growing a rental property portfolio. 

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A thorough rental market analysis includes:

  • Comparing your potential rental to similar properties in the area
  • Analyzing amenities and renter demand
  • Researching vacancy rates and comps
  • Making smart decisions about upgrades to support a competitive monthly rent price

A property manager has access to up-to-date market numbers to provide real-time analysis. They'll also help you estimate potential ongoing costs and how much income the property could generate with a competitive rental rate. 

A Property Manager Is Your Guide

You can depend on an excellent property manager for more than confirming that a potential investment is a smart idea. Your property management company in Mason County should also let you know when a property won't be a good investment and could become a costly property that never generates the income you need. 

Work with a property manager to inspect the property and analyze the floorplan and make sure it's appealing to potential renters. If the property needs renovations before it's "rental-ready," your property management team can recommend updates that can make the property a worthwhile investment.

Your property manager's job is to find quality tenants for your rentals and collect the rent! If they don't think a potential rental will attract excellent tenants and generate consistent monthly rental income, listen to their insights and look for a different property. It's okay to walk away from an investment that isn't a smart idea!

Choose Rental Analysis With the Best Property Management Mason County Offers

Not only is rental analysis a critical tool when growing your real estate portfolio, but the best property management Mason County offers also conducts this analysis for free! Staying on top of the real estate market means keeping an eye on listings and being proactive when a potentially good property becomes available. Having a property manager ready to deliver a thorough rental analysis can help you move quickly if the number point to a good investment—or move on without wasting more time when it's clear that a property isn't the right fit for your portfolio. 

If you're considering your next property or looking at a potential rental as your first investment, let Joseph Property Management be your guide! Our years of experience in Mason County and access to current market research means we can deliver the insights you need to make a good decision about an investment property. Plus, we do it for free!

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