A Seasonal Maintenance Checklist for Property Owners

The Joseph Group Jan 2022

Ian Joseph

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Careful planning and proactive prevention are smart ways to mitigate the potential of costly emergencies or late-night maintenance requests. Whether you're looking for help from an Edmonds property management company or you're working as a solo investor, it's important to take care of your properties. Let's take a look at the critical rental property maintenance tasks you should consider when protecting your investment property during every season.

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Winter Weatherizing

The harsh Washington winter climate brings many maintenance challenges for which every property owner should prepare. From a tenant’s maintenance request to lease agreement services like snow removal, it's key to stay on top of these tasks as a real estate investor. 

When planning winter weatherizing and preventive maintenance tasks, be sure to include these recommendations from property management professionals, including 

  • Clean the gutters and downspouts. Property owners should clean debris from gutters and downspouts at least twice each year. As you prepare for winter, take the time to remove fallen leaves to avoid the misdirection of water that can cause damage to the roof, exterior, or foundation.
  • Winterize outdoor water hookups. Indoor pipes can freeze in winter. In addition, outside spigots and hoses can potentially freeze and break. Detach all hoses and drain excess liquid before storing them for the winter season. Turn off outdoor spigots and bleed the lines so there will be no water that could freeze and break the fixture.
  • Clean the chimney. If your rental property has a fireplace, property managers recommend properly inspecting and cleaning the vents and chimneys at least once annually. Proper maintenance helps mitigate the risk of fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

To accomplish these tasks, partner with a property manager or connect with reputable contractors!

Spring Rental Property Upkeep

When winter breaks and the days grow warmer and longer, it’s time to tackle another list of maintenance tasks. Here are a few spring maintenance tasks that property owners should put on a to-do list to keep rental properties in excellent condition:

  • Test smoke alarms. A smoke detector typically has a lifespan of about a decade but should be checked, tested, and cleaned regularly. Additionally, check your rental property's carbon monoxide detector to ensure it’s in working order for protecting residents. 
  • Inspect the furnace and boiler. The heating system that kept your renters warm during the winter will likely need to be checked and serviced come spring as your tenants stop using it as much. A furnace must be inspected yearly, and this generally requires an HVAC professional who can test/adjust the burner, clean the combustion chamber, and check the flue pipe.
  • Clean air vents. When the winter season departs and the snow melts, it’s time to check your property's exterior vents connected to the rental unit's HVAC components inside the property.

If you don’t have a reliable HVAC technician to service rental properties, a professional property management company can help! 

Tasks for Summer

When summer hits, the heat is on. That means making sure your rental property's air conditioning works and keeping outdoor spaces well-maintained for summer fun. Property managers recommend these tasks as some of the most essential summer maintenance efforts to handle at the beginning of the season:

  • Service the air conditioning unit. The summer months are the hardest on HVAC systems in rental properties. Make sure your property's air conditioning is serviced before the dog days of summer arrive to keep your tenants comfortable. This is also crucial to ensuring that your property's HVAC system doesn't break down from overwork. 
  • Clean dryer vents. Clogged dryer vents can often pose a serious risk of fire. The large outdoor and indoor vents must be cleaned regularly to avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

Proactively maintaining the AC unit before summer hits can save thousands of dollars on repairs, extend the life of the unit, and keep your tenants happy.

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Fall Maintenance Activities

As the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, you'll need to prepare your rental property for cooler weather. Checking out the furnace and water heater in each rental property you own will go a long way during the fall and winter months. In addition, these are some of the essential maintenance requests for property owners during the fall.

  • Winterize the HVAC unit. To preserve the life of the air conditioner, the central air or window unit must be winterized before the first frost.
  • Repair pavement issues. Your rental property's pavement should be inspected before the winter, and any cracks should be repaired. If the crack is not repaired, water may seep in and expand when it freezes. If that happens, you'll be left with an even bigger crack and expensive repair come spring. 

Taking care of year-round maintenance helps real estate investors avoid costly mistakes and reduce repair costs!

An Edmonds Property Management Company Handles Year-Round Maintenance

Properly maintaining your rental property is key to extending its useful life, keeping tenants happy, and improving your bottom line! Not only can an excellent maintenance schedule extend the life of your rental property, but it can help keep great tenants around for a little longer. If you’re overwhelmed by the year-round work required for your rental properties, a professional Edmonds property management company can help. Reach out to The Joseph Group to learn more about our full property management services!

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