A Fall Maintenance Checklist for Your Rental Property

The Joseph Group Sep 2020

Ian Joseph

“Clients first!” – is a huge part of the DNA that Ian Joseph and his Team have established at The Joseph Group. This motto helps them focus on striving for the highest level of customer experience, for their clients (landlords) and customers (tenants). In fact, Ian strongly believes that in life, family and business, you must strive to give more than you receive. “You can have everything in life you want if you help enough other people get what they want." - Zig Ziglar

Dear Readers,

September marks a homecoming for many Seattle residents. Many families are returning from summer month vacations for another Seattle autumn spent at home. We at Niche Realty are busy with our fall drive-by inspections, where we check up on our owners’ properties to ensure tenants are taking good care of them. These inspections include:
  • The yard is being maintained—especially as leaves start to fall
  • There are a logical number of cars parked outside the property
  • The roof isn’t covered in moss and doesn’t have noticeable damage
  • Everything outside looks clean and well maintained
If anything looks suspect during our drive-by inspections, we schedule an in-person inspection with the tenant to investigate further. It’s also a good way to touch base with tenants and ensure that their unit is functioning properly before winter begins, such as:
  • Do the furnace filters need to be replaced? 
  • Do the gutters need to be cleaned before the rainy season? 
These small acts of maintenance can save a lot of time, money, and headaches as we move into our fall and winter months. 
We hope that you and your loved ones are continuing to stay safe during this pandemic. As we start settling back into our home routines, please remember that we are always available to manage your property, make homeowner recommendations, and help you through this difficult time. 
All the best,
Nancy Sievert

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