What You Need to Know About Shoreline's Amended Residential Tenant Laws

The Joseph Group Feb 2024

The Joseph Group

On December 11, 2023 the Shoreline City council approved Ordinance No. 966 adding to and amending their current Residential Tenant Laws.

These specific requirements would only apply to properties within the Shoreline City limits.  To see if a property fall within the city limits please check here: Shoreline City Limits Map

The full text of the Shoreline City specific requirements and regulation can be read here: Shoreline Municipal Code 9.35 Residential Tenant Protections

An overview of the updates and affects can be found below:

o   Change in Rent Increase Notice Requirements

o   Increases greater than 3% and less than 10% - 120 days notice.

o   Increases 10% or greater – 180 days notice.

o   Increases less than 3% follow the current state requirement of 60 days notice.

o   Move in Fees and Deposits

o   All move-in fees and deposits cannot exceed one month’s rent.  A move in fee includes any deposits, pet deposits, application fee, etc. To accommodate this requirement we will move to a pet rent for new listings and the security deposit will be lowered slightly to accommodate the application fee.

o   Residents may choose to pay the move in fees over 6 equal monthly installments.

o   Late Fees and Due Dates

o   Late Fees cannot exceed 1.5% of one month's rent.

o   Additional Fee Changes

o   Residents cannot be charged for issuance of notices. These would include compliance notices or pay or vacate notices.

o   Enforcement

                       o   Residents have the right to sue their landlord for violation of this code.


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